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Monday, August 27, 2012

Vocab List 3

1. Accolade-any award or honor. He graduated with honors and several other accolades.
2. Acerbity-sourness or harshness or severity. His acerbitous manner indicated that something was wrong with him.
3.Attrition-a recution in numbers, size, or strength. Many sports teams exspirience attrition as the year goes on.
4. Bromide-a person who is boring. He was very mcuh a bromide, he hardly ever did anything.
5. Chauvinist-a person who is greatly patriotic, especially military wise. The drill sergant liked the new recruits because several of them were chauvinists.
6. Chronic-constant, habitual. I often times suffer from chronic headaches.
7. Expound-to staed in detail. It started to make more sense as she expounded upon her previous statement.
8. Factionalism-idea of belief in factions. The teacher seperated the students by their GPA because he believed in factionalism.
9. Immaculate-free from stain, moral blemish, flaw. The immaculate student never got into trouble.
10. Imprecation-the act of cursing. His imprecation after stubbing his toe startled the child.
11. Ineluctable-unavoidable. The crimials demise was ineluctable and he was eventually cuaght.
12. Mercurial-volatile, fighty, erratic. His random mercurial movements were very frightening.
13. Palliate- to relieve without curing. The doctor did all she coould to palliate the burn victim.
14. Protocol-regulations dealing with diplomatic formalty. The senator wasn't like by his colleagues because of his frequent violations of protocol.
15. Resplendent-shining, gleaming, splendid. The childs trophy had a resplendent aura around it.
16. Stigmatize-to set a mark of disgrace or infamy upon. The book was stigmatized by critics and sold poorly.
17. Sub Rosa-secretly, privately. The detectives work was a sub rosa to his friends
18. Vainglory-excessive pride in one's own achievements. His conceited nature atributed to many of his vanglories.
19. Vestige-visible evidence of something no longer present. Without a known vestige of ancient elves,
I can't believe in it.
20. Volition- Act of willing, choosing. He redid his homework of his own volition.

Beowulf Questions

1. Shield became ruler of the danes by fear, no one would challenge his rule because of his power. When he died, he was put in a boat full of riches and sent off to sea. Sheild is Hrothgar's grandfather.
Heorot is attacked:
1. Hrothgar made a place of merry, a sort of hall for freasting and festives. Grendel spawn of Cain attacked this place, killing many danes every time he went. The Danes attempted to fight him but failed, and eventually left.
The Hero Comes to Heorot:
1. Beowulf hears of grendel and seeks to fight him and win glory, and heads to Heorot.
2. The Geats are first greeted by a hostile watchman, who demands to know who they are. Beowulf answers, stating he is son of Ecgtheow, coming to do battle with Grendel.
3. Hrothgars Herald is Wulfgar, who asks Hrothgar to see these men. Hrothgar knows of Beowulf because of his father, ehich is not surprising because it seems like warriors fame spread easily during those times.
4. Beowulf speaks of his recent defeat of five giants and states he will fight Grendel without armor. Hrothgar had helped the Geats pay and survive through a war.
Feast at Heorot:
1. Unferth acuses Beowulf of foolish pride trying to do what many Danes have failed to do, such as when he saw a risky seven day race against Breca which Beowulf lost, causing Unferth to question his commitment. Beowulf states why he lost the race due to sea fish, and that the contests was not one of war and that he will make Grendel pay for what he has done to the Danes, whom Beowulf seeks no feud with. This gives a slight view of Beowulf's motives and shows how strong his resolve is.
2.Queen Wealhtheow is offering drinks from the cup of the hall to everyone.
The Fight With Grendel:
1. Instead of arming for the fight, Beowulf takes his armor off so he is equal with Grendel.
2. Grendel enters seeing the sleeping men kills one. He reaches for Beowulf he grips Grendel with great strength. Grendel attempts to flee, and though immune to swords Grendel is held by Beowulf, who rips of Grendels arm. Grendel runs to die in his moor.
Celebration at Heorot:
1. Beowulf is like Sigemund in how they both fought monsters and won glory, but not like Heremod who seized the treasue and power in greed and did not get glory.
2. Hrothgar is very happy, thanking God, Beowulf, and Beowulfs mother. Hrothgar gives Beowulf many riches of gold, weapons armor, and horses.
4. Wealhtheow asks Hrothgar not to take Beowulf as his son because he already has sons.
6. The men felt safe and guarded with Grendel gone.
Beowulf and Grendels Mother:
1. Grendels Mother comes to Heorot only because she wants revenge for her sons death, which isn't why Grendel went.
2. Grendel killed Hrothgars favorite thane. Hrothgar summons Beowulf, who had not slept in the hall that night.
3. The mere is a strange place where fire is seen upon the water, home of two giants, one Grendel's mother. It is an icy lake wwith many visible seas serepents.
Beowulf fights Grendels mother:
1. Beowulf tells Hrothgar it is best to act and not sit and do nothing.
2. The mere is full of serepents. The warriors and him kill one and drag it out to see the horror.
3. Beowulf puts on his armor and gets ready. Unfreth offers his sword Hrunting whcih is a superior sword. The Sword Beowulf takes is a very special sword that is supposed to never fail its warrior.
4. Grendels mother drags Beowulf to her undersea lair so the monsters wont interfere.
5. The sword has no effect on Grendels mother.
6. Beowulfs armor saves him from Grendels mothers knife.
7. Beowulf finds a sword crafted by giants and strikes Grendels mother in the neck, seeing Grendels body, taking Grendels head and his own sword. The sword of the giants had been made useless by the hot blood of the monsters.
8. Beouwlf returns to a few loyal warriors who had doubted his return but rejoice in it.
Further Celebration at Heorot:
1. Beowulf gives Hrothgar the hilt of the sword he used to kill Grendels mother.
2. Hrothgar talks about Heremod who abused his power by being ruthless and not rewarding the deserving. He warns Beowulf not to make the same mistake, and to bane the thoughts of selfishness.
3. Beowulf returns Hrunting to Unferth.
Beowulf Returns Home:
1. Hrothgar predicts that Beowulf will become king of the Geats.
2. Hygd is the queen of the Geats, and is unlike Modthryth because Modthryth was a very cruel queen.
3. ?
4. Beowulf tells the story with great pride and honor, but does not lie.
5. Beowulf offered his treasures to hos leader Hygelac, who gives him a suit of armor and sword given to him by Hrothgar.
The Dragon Awakes:
1. It is 50 years later, and King Hygelac is dead and Beowulf rules. But now, a dragon is threating the Geats.
2. The Dragon hoardes gold because he is greedy and has a big collection. His favorite peice, a gold cup, was stolen by a runaway slave who succumbed to temptation, which angered the dragon.
3. The Dragon attacked the town, burning down Beowulfs home.
4. Beowulf believes he angered God in some way to desrve this. He orders an iron shield to protect against fire and expects to take down the dragon and die trying.
5. Hygelac died in battle in the land of Frisian.
6. Headred was killed by Onela,and Beowulf was left to be king and pursued Onela.
7. Eleven others.
8. Herebeald was accidently killed by Haethkyn. King Hrethel was forced to punish Haethkyn and was mournful and became a bad king. The Swedes and the Geats had a feud and had been at war with many prominent people dying on both sides.
Beowulf attacks the Dragon:
1. Beowulf tells his companions to not interfere.
2. Beowulf is bested by the Drgaon the first time his attacks and defense weak. His companions flee but one stays. Wiglaf is his name, and ulike the others he is brave and stands beside his king. He yells for his king to fight for his life.
3. The second time Beowulf and dragon meet, Wiglaf had to hide behind Beowulfs iron sheild for protection and Beowulfd struck the dragon on the head with the sword, but it broke. The dragon bites Beowulf in the neck. But with Wiglafs help they are able to weaken the dragon then kills it striking at its exsposed belly.
4. Dying Beowulf asks to see the riches he died for. When he sees it Beowulf thanks God for these gifts for his people, and asks that the lair becomes Beowulfs Barrow so people will remember him.
Beowulfs Funeral:
1. The companions see Wiglaf trying to revie a dead Beowulf. The companions know they failed their leader in his time of need because they were afraid and know death would be better for them.
2. The messenger tells the city of their kings defeat. ?
3. Wiglaf tell the crowd who came to see Beowulf dead that the hoard of treasure was theirs and that the kind had died for it and the lair would become his great resting place.
4. The dragon was dragged to the sea.
5. The people mourned and built a mound around their king. Everyone honored the Geat most worthy of praise.
6. These last lines seem to describe a kind caring person which Beowulf was but does not describe his ferocity in battle.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Decision making fatigue

1. In my personal experience, decision fatigue is a physiological condition. I never had realized it, but when i think back, and remember many instances where i feel i had suffered from it. the most apparent one is with my homework. On days i would have a lot of homework, when i first started i was able to think well and decide on an answer. But as the time wore on i would end up with no answers or a couple and i struggled to think and deduct and come to a final solution. Often times i would just stop trying and leave it for another day. In the article, i feel the judges suffered from the same thing. It is their job, yet they couldn't help struggling to decide at the end of the day, and took the option with least consequence, and was easier too. As for technology, i feel it is inhibiting me more often then helping. When i am mentally fatigued, it is very hard to resist  the temptation to google the question.

2. On the scale, i am  very high, most likely around a 7 or 8. Just being given a bad impression to start working with something i don't like makes my mental endurance even less.

3. Yes, i am prepared for the possibility of concentrating better. It seems to me, and this was addressed in the article, concentrating is simply a matter of how bad you want it and willpower. both of those things are something that the individuals can control.

4. In order to increase my concentration capacity, i basically have to do what the article said; exercise my willpower. Practicing my concentrating longer, mostly.

Socratic Seminar "The Right to Your Own Opinion"

I remember learning the sad truth my sophomore year, so talking about not being entitled to my opinion is not to shocking. But that does not mean that the seminar was fruitless. One thing that i often thought that was not appropriate for the discussion at the time is that the only people who argue that they are entitled to their opinion  are people who are losing an argument, but simplifying by stating that they are changing the topic to a matter of rights, which is a fallacy in itself.

The Laughing Heart

Monday, August 20, 2012

Reflections on week 1

1. there are a couple things that can affect how i do in the class. I live outside town and kind of away from things , so the internet connection can be kind of spotty at times. But i know i can work around it, so it more depends if i can get myself to make sure i get it done.

2. One learing exspirience that i had was i took a lifeguarding class. It was thrilling to learn how to protect and save someone. I learned with many friends and it was really a learn by doing class. we often practiced the techniques we were to use on people who needed it in the water. I learned that i thrived by actually doing things and that i liked it.

3. One thing that is honestly concerning me with this class is the amount of work we have to do. It seems a bit excessive. I am excited with the whole learning and sharing online thing though and i'm very interested to see how it goes.

1987 AP Exam


                                                       Essay question one
      It is impossible for a person of today's society to be able to completely empty their mind and relax. Every moment must be filled with something satisfactory or productive or entertaining. Writer George Elliot saw this and reminisced of the leisure time of the past, when things were much simpler. Elliot was irritated by the ways of leisure in his society, where machines were meant to "create leisure for mankind" but instead made  "idleness eager" and made society want every moment filled with something. Elliot preferred the leisure of old were one can simply be content with how things are for them and unconcerned with the things of society. Elliot reveals this viewpoint of his by describing old leisure's unique qualities, and personifying it.
     Elliot describes old leisure with the qualities of a human in order to show why it is better. Elliot clearly believes in the bliss of old leisure, and the majority of his work is devoted to why old lleisure is better. Elliot uses personification to describe old leisure is better than the society of his days idea of leisure. "Old leisure was quite a different personage..." Elliot describes old leisure as a person, which allows him to describe why he likes it better as the beneficial traits of a human being. A human being unknowing, unconcerned, and content. This being, who was "happy in his inability to know the cause of things, preferring the things themselves" and of "easy, jolly conscience" , allowed Elliot to show us the benefits of old leisure as good traits of a person. Elliot used personification to elaborate on his views.
    Elliot enjoyed the leisure of old. The ability to be indifferent to the concerns of society and simply enjoy one's self. He did not like people's desire for leisure to not be simple and stuffed during his time. To show his ideal, Elliot turned old leisure into a person, and introduced the reader to a person with numerous good qualities, which encompassed his reasons for why old leisure was better.

                                               Essay Question 2
    The Jungle by Upton Sinclair is a book that challenged many attitudes and traditions of the time. Written around the turn of the century, the book depicts the life of Jurgis and Ona, immigrants to America, and the horrors they face as they try to carry on their lives. During this time, workers did not have rights and worked under the tyranny of their bosses and factories that produced food were not watched or inspected for quality. In his novel, Sinclairs addresses and challenges of both of these attitudes distilled in America by showing the true atrocities of them.
    Sinclair challenges worker conditions through his character of Jurgis. Jurgis works in a meat packing factory and is constantly forced to suffer indecencies inflicted upon him by his job and his boss. Jurgis gets injured while on the job and is ill-treated by his employer. His own boss rapes his wife, and Jurgis is powerless because he has no workers right. He cannot get compensation for being injured, he cannot work with a union to end his ill-treatment, and he cannot take legal action against his boss for his crime. Sinclair shows how Jurgis's lack of rights caused this, and is challenging the attitude that workers do not need protection of some form.
     Sinclair challenges the unsanitary conditions of food industry by placing Jurgis right in one of them. Jurgis works at a slaughter house, and witnesses what truly goes into the finished product, which sincalir based of actual life. And what went on is horrifying. Things go into the food that were actually part of the food. Rats, human flesh, trash. People worked on the food without sanitizing themselves. The meat was improperly kept and often went bad. Jurgis saw this and more, and then Sinclair let the people of America see what Jurgis saw, and directly changed the attitude people had towards the places their food was mad.
   Upton Sinclair saw many problems with America during the early 1900s. But unlike most people, he challenged what he saw, and he did so in his book The Jungle. He had his main character, Jurgis experience many of the inequalities that he saw people go through every day. His accusation of this growing tradition of unfairness helped bring about much change. While the book was named after an uncivilized part of the world, it helped civilize the world for the better.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

austen/montaigne essay

writing an essay in one class period is tough especially when you have to get your textbook write in the middle of it. I know i had a couple more ideas of examples for comparing the two authors in my head that i lost after the interruption. If i had had more time i would have given more details to my examples as well as writing a conclusion to wrap up my ideas.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why I'm taking AP Eng 4

     There are several reason why i am taking AP english 4. I feel this class will help prepare me for my learning in college, it will be a challenge, and will look good on my transcript. I am excited about this whole new way of doing a class through blogs and posts and comments online and to see how this works for me, but in the othe other hand i am also nervous about the work load that will come with it.
    During my time taking this course i hope to accomplish several things. I hope to learn how to effectively use the tools present in the internet, better prepare myself for college, and broaden my tecniques of learning. Hopefully i will able to learn how to share my ides better and learn with others better after taking this course.