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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brave New World 7

At the savage reservations we see that there is still a society that lives in the ways of the old that are considered immoral and dangerous in the current society. Odd to think that that savage society has a lot of similarities to ours today. We would be savages in Huxley's novel, for the things the savages do really apall the more civilized people. We also learn that the woman the director thought had perished in the reservation was alive and had been trapped in the horrible savage world having to live without the soma and comforts of normal society. And even worse she became viviparous and gave birth to the directors son. This will definitely lead to future complications in the novel.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We get to see more of how people spend their free time Leinna with her activities with Henry and Bernard with his bizarre exspirience of the orgy porgy. What a strange way to find release for the feelings science can not keep down. Another example of how this society is obsessed with sex. It also shows how Bernard is different from others in how he doesn't enjoy it. This is also show with his interactions that show individualism with his interactions with Leinna and how he is proud of the directors threat to send him to Iceland. The directors story also shows how sometimes even the best of the society can't always keep down their feelings that are undesired by the community. Lastly, Bernard and Leinna reach the savage reservation.